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ìSexual sins and abortions will ruin the lives of countless students unless we reach them right awa

BY Jim Cosgrove

September 23-29, 2001 Issue | Posted 9/23/01 at 1:00 AM


Amazing new publication,, immunizes students against Planned Parenthood's evil sex propaganda — and can save hundreds of moms and babies from abortion before Christmas

Dear Register Reader,

Because you take your Catholic faith seriously, I'm sure you'll agree with me that the solution to abortion is self-control, not “birth control.”

That's why we've launched an effective new project that helps young people resist pressures to “have sex.”

We live in a culture of “sex-run-loose,” as Fr. Paul Marx, O.S.B., so often points out. That's why a disaster of monumental proportions is about to unfold before our very eyes — unless we take decisive action immediately.

You see, college students all across America have returned to campuses for the new semester. That means countless girls are being pressured by their “boyfriends” right now to “prove their love” by “going all the way.” Sadly, many girls will give in to this unrelenting pressure over the next few weeks. This will result in a horrifying number of student abortions around the time you and I celebrate Christmas. It's sickening, but it's no surprise.

Students bombarded with sexual temptations

Students are saturated with all kinds of sleazy and unwholesome messages about sex. They read them in Planned Parenthood and radical feminist pamphlets.

Students are also influenced by the raunchy “free sex” messages they hear in today's rock “music.” And you can imagine how a steady diet of sex-filled TV shows and Hollywood movies affects hormone-charged young people.

The truth is, college students face an astounding number of sexual temptations around the clock.

Consider this: Most college kids go to schools away from home and live without the positive influence of parents and their home parish. Many live in co-ed dorms! The young men see immodestly dressed girls everywhere. Most student bookstores sell pornographic magazines. Dorms and apartments are often well stocked with porn videos and X-rated pinups. Every student has a computer today, and Internet porn is just a few “clicks” away.

But that's not all. So-called “health centers” practically throw “birth control” at students. Then there are all the parties, with free-flowing booze and drugs.

Furthermore, many teen “role models” are setting the worst possible example by their shameless public promiscuity and militant abortion advocacy.

Believe me, it's almost a miracle when a student makes it through four years of college without losing his or her virginity.

Just think of all the lives that will be ruined and the unborn babies who'll be slaughtered unless we take action right away to prevent it.

In good conscience, I can't stand by idly and watch all these lives and souls go down the drain without doing something about it. I don't think you can either.

That's why I'm appealing for your help to boldly expand an effective new project.

Sex propaganda: How to immunize students from it

At last, we have a super-powerful new 28-page, full-color newspaper that will immunize students from Planned Parenthood's sex propaganda.

The title of this unique publication is It features celebrities speaking out in favor of chastity and respect for life — actors, actresses, super-models, athletes and more — plus, the whole truth about abortion, and toll-free numbers that a pregnant girl can call to get pro-life help.

I'm so impressed with that I agreed to serve as National Advisor to its creator and publisher, Pro-Life America, an effective group I've known and respected for years.

The cover of features a close-up of supermodel Kim Alexis with the caption, “Find out why super-model Kim Alexis says, ‘Say NO to sex before marriage.’” Her message is exactly what students everywhere need to hear right now.

And thanks to generous people like you, we've already given more than 98,000 newspapers to students at UCLA, Harvard, Georgetown, Clemson, U. of South Alabama, Pittsburg State, Georgia Southern, Univ. of Nebraska — Omaha, University. of Kentucky, Univ. of Louisville, Univ. of Oregon, Eastern Washington University. and Western Washington University.

More good news: another 105 college newspapers approved to run as paid advertising inserts. That means we can reach a million students on these campuses this Fall if we can raise the necessary financial support.

Funds permitting, our goal is to saturate Notre Dame, Loyola, Boston U., and every campus in America with this life-changing new publication!

It's one of the most amazing life-saving tools I've ever seen. What's unique about this new 28-page newspaper is that it covers chastity and pro-life subjects from A to Z with celebrities and a contemporary graphic design that gets and holds students’ attention.

Imagine thousands of copies of this powerful, persuasive newspaper being placed right into the hands of college students. I believe God will use this new tool

to save countless students from indulging in casual sex while on dates…, from going on the Pill…, and from having abortions. It'll also give students persuasive reasons to be modest and chaste.

I guarantee you that this project will save countless students from sexual sins and thousands of babies from abortion, if only we can get these powerful papers into the students’ hands.

How much is a baby's life worth? How much is it worth to help save a young person's soul? These are beyond price. That's why I'm praying you'll make a sacrifice for the children and send a generous tax-deductible gift today to help expand this life-saving project.

I have a sense of urgency about distributing this eye-opening new publication on campuses from coast to coast. That's because it can totally change the lives of students who read it. It can save thousands of girls and boys from making costly, life-long mistakes. It can rescue thousands of precious babies from abortion.

Students need to learn that “safe, legal” abortions kill women

I'm also impressed with the amazingly complete treatment of abortion in Here's what it covers:

• Pictures of unborn babies developing in the womb

• The methods of abortion, including the barbaric partial-birth abortion

• The abortion-causing properties of the Pill. Most college kids have no idea that the Pill can cause early, unnoticed abortions.

• Heart-wrenching testimonies from women who've had abortions

• How abortion wounds women for life-mentally and often physically

• The true story of a rape victim who became pregnant and chose life

• True stories of pregnant mothers who died from “safe, legal” abortion, including a 32-year-old mother who bled to death

• Shocking confessions by ex-abortion-ists who expose how sleazy the abortion industry is

• Positive alternatives to abortion, including adoption, with 800 numbers to call for help

• Why abortion is never the answer — even in cases of rape and incest

• How to find healing and forgiveness after abortion

Does your alma mater need

Flooding our colleges with this ground-breaking publication will do even more good than I've told you so far. Imagine all the blessings that'd follow if your alma mater were saturated with

It will save young people from suicide (a study by Dr. Clayton Barbeau showed that fornication is a major cause of teen self-hatred)…save girls from abortion-caused breast cancer…save girls from becoming sterile through VD or abortion…influence professors and admin-istrators (they'll pick up copies, too)…lead many kids to become pro-life activists…persuade pre-med and pre-nursing students to shun abortion…lead students into the Church or back to Her…and much more.

Students and moms contact us every week with praises for this amazing new pro-life tool.

Mary from North Dakota called to tell us, “ and the Holy Spirit saved my daughter and her baby from abortion…Now her attitude has totally changed…It's a miracle!”

A Harvard pre-med student wrote and said, “I was profoundly affected by reading it. In the last hour while reading, I have become strong-heartedly pro-life.”

Nora O'Callaghan, Director of the Respect Life Office in the Archdiocese of Chicago, said,This publication will work miracles in young peoples’ lives. Every college student needs a copy.”

Our immediate goal is to give a copy of this baby-saving, life-changing tool to one million college students on 105 campuses that have approved it. It'll cost about 40 cents for each student reached, or $400,000. I know that's a large sum. But I'm praying that we can raise this entire amount quickly so we can flood these campuses with our new publication right away. Imagine all the lives and souls that'd be saved if your alma mater were saturated with

We must not delay. We must make the arrangements and raise the funds now. The fall semester has already begun and that's why I'm praying for your immediate help. Your gift will help a girl say “no” to a pushy boyfriend. It'll help save babies from abortion before Christmas!

We're depending on people like you to help us flood these campuses with this amazing new publication. We have no one else to turn to.

Your help is needed NOW!

Could you make a heroic sacrifice of $8,000 to blanket a large campus such as Arizona State or Berkeley? Your tax-deductible gift would allow us to insert 20,000 copies of into one of those student newspapers.

If $8,000 isn't within your reach, could you consider making a gift of $4,000? That's what it will cost to blanket a medium-sized campus such as Duke or Notre Dame with 10,000 copies of Your gift would do so much good. Or, your gift of $2,000 would enable us to reach 5,000 students with our hard-hitting publication on a smaller campus such as Yale or Loyola. Would it be possible for you to sacrifice that amount?

Whatever you send, please send something. We'll be grateful for a gift in any amount — whether it's a major gift or a widow's mite. Besides the larger amounts, we need many, many smaller gifts. They'll be like little streams that join together to make a mighty river.

Your gift of $1,000 will enable us to reach 2,500 students. $500 will reach 1,250 students; $100 will reach 250 students; $75 will reach 187 students; $50 will reach 125 students; and $35 will reach 87 students.

Please send whatever you can sacrifice and please join me in praying for the success of this wonderful new project. (And, yes, is also an impressive Web site that's changing many lives.)

I'll gladly send you a FREE copy of as my thank-you for your gift. Just check the box on the reply coupon. You may have a friend or loved one who could really benefit from it.

Please make your tax-deductible gift payable to Pro-Life America. And thank you for being the best friend that many young students and their babies will ever have.

Yours for Life,

Fr. Frank Pavone Nationally Known Pro-Life Leader National Advisor to Pro-Life America

P. S. As a Catholic priest, I can't tolerate Planned Parenthood and the pro-abortion, radical feminists brainwashing so many college students and killing so many unborn children. That's why I have such a sense of urgency about this exciting new project.

Please send your tax-deductible gift immediately! Making a generous gift will warm your heart. Don't put it off. Please send it now. Thank you, and may God reward you abundantly!