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Written in our chromosomes; anchored in our bodies  Celia Wolf-Devine, Ph.D., of Mercatornet

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“Call No Man Your Father”  Steve Ray, Defenders of the Catholic Faith

8 Everyday words and phrases with divine origins Fr. Michael Rennier of Aleteia

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From Giotto to Rubens: The Baptism of the Lord in Painting  Kinga Lipinska of Liturgical Arts Journal

Beijing’s “New” Cathedral: Renewal of a Classical Monument  Anthony E. Clark, Ph.D., of The Institute for Sacred Architecture

Protestant Nationalism & Catholic Empire? A Comment on Yoram Hazony  James R. Rogers, Ph.D. J.D., of Law and Liberty

Yes, there's a Jesus angle — & a Chick-fil-A one — in Clemson's football national title  Bobby Ross, Jr., of Get Religion

She Was Getting Treatment for Depression But Otherwise in Good Health, Doctors Euthanized Her  SPUC via Life News

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