Following last month’s referendum in which Kurdistan voted to secede from Iraq, the situation has become “quite complicated” for Christians in the Nineveh region as the threat of another conflict in Iraq looms.

This is according to Steve Rasche, director of the Nineveh Reconstruction Project based in Erbil, who told the Register that a conflict between the Iraqi government in Baghdad and the Kurdish government in Erbil could lead to a conflict “right on top of Christians.”

Rasche was speaking at the end of the first ever government-sponsored conference for persecuted Christians in Budapest, Hungary, Oct. 13.

The threat is “weighing heavily on everyone,” he said, and warned that a real war would “finish Christians in Iraq.” He and others are therefore working “very hard” to foster peace and dialogue, not just for Christians but all the people in the region.

“We are at a tipping point,” said Rasche. “We can save Christians if we stop a war from occurring.” 

He called on the faithful to pray for them and to pay attention to what’s going on to understand the situation better.