When the last Christian in the Muslim dominated Middle East is put to the sword by ISIS, will the mass slaughter then be labeled "genocide?"

As of now, the Obama administration is still mind-bogglingly refusing to label the anti-Christian violence "genocide."

Pope Francis confirmed last year that “a form of genocide is taking place” against Christians in the Middle East. The European Parliament passed a resolution labeling ISIS’s slaughtering of religious minorities as “genocide” in the Middle East. Hillary Clinton herself has called ISIS's killing of Christians a "genocide." But Obama refuses. White House Spokesman Josh Earnest explained that the legal definition of genocide "that has, at this point, not been reached."

So the question is why?

There's many possibilities. Here's my likely suspects:

1) President Obama knows that if he agrees that ISIS' violence against Christians rises to the level of genocide, then he has to do something about it. He doesn't want to do that. Obama's history of apathy in the face on horror is well documented.

2) President Obama is taking part in p.r. to the Muslim world. He knows that if he labels it genocide he could be seen as coming to the defense of Christianity against Islam. For a president who refuses to say the words "Islamic radical" or "Islamic terror" that would clearly not align with his preferred strategy. If Obama were implementing a p.r. stragegy while working behind the scenes that would be something. But there's no evidence that is occuring.

3) President Obama can not conceive of a world in which Christians are not evil oppressors. So even as Christians are being slaughtered by the thousands, his worldview demands that be ignored.

About ten years ago, the United Nations announced that the international community has a "responsibility...to assist states" in protecting minorities against genocide. And if a state fails to do so, the international community must act. But clearly, without action, they are just words. So now, Obama is refusing to say the word "genocide" because the word itself would increase the pressure on both the United States and the international community to act.

And to be clear, we're not just talking military might stepping in. One step would be to allow escaping Christians refugee status in the United States.

There is ample evidence of genocide. We all remember the horror of 21 Christians in orange jumpsuits lined up on the beach and beheaded as each of them declared themselves Christian. For those paying attention, the violence has been continuous along with kidnappings, rapes, forced conversions, and the destruction of churches and schools.

Last week, the House Foreign Affairs Committee passed a resolution labeling the violence against Christians as a genocide. This was clearly an attempt to get the administration to see the violence for what it is.

The Knights of Columbus have helped to create this ad to raise awareness of this issue.

Please pray for the victims of ISIS and that the world will wake up to these horrors.