The Sea Gypsies (1978)

A strong affirmation of family values set against a background of startling landscapes is still a surefire guarantee of superior entertainment for children and adults alike.

The Sea Gypsies, written and directed by Stewart Rafill (The Adventures of the Wilderness Family) focuses on an around-the-world sea voyage by a father Travis Maclaine (Robert Logan) and his daughters Courtney (Heather Rattray) and Samantha (Shannon Saylor).

Also on board is Kelly (Mikki Jamison-Olsen). He's a freelance writer who's covering their trip for a magazine.

The difficulties begin with the discovery of Jesse (Cjon Damiki Patterson), an orphaned stowaway and, as the group is deciding what to do, a major-league storm destroys their boat.

Things quickly go from bad to worse.

Shipwrecked, they're forced to survive in the wilderness of an uninhabited island of great beauty off the Alaska coast.

Monsieur Vincent (1947)

One of the Vatican's top 45 films, presents St. Vincent de Paul (Pierre Fresnay) as a first-rate organizer with an often difficult personality. He shows little patience for people who ignore those in need.

The action begins in 1617. Vincent is a village parish priest who bullies and cajoles his flock into feeding and sheltering needy women and children. As word of his good works spreads throughout France, groups of religious and lay people are organized to help him expand his mission. Director Maurice Cloche shows how the saint's intense energy is balanced by an active prayer life and respect for the Church hierarchy.