Lethal Weapon IV

1987's Lethal Weapon partnered Mel Gibson and Danny Glover as unconventional Los Angeles police detectives. Gibson played the widowed Martin Riggs, a risk-taker who didn't care if he lived or died. Glover was Roger Murtaugh, a cautious family man. The film made a fortune, and a series was born. Lethal Weapon 4, the series’ latest installment, picks up soon after Lethal Weapon 3 left off. Riggs and Murtaugh are still detectives, but their habit of collaring criminals in the midst of massive explosions has made them too expensive for the L.A.P.D. to insure as ordinary street investigators. So they're kicked up to captain. Their promotion, however, doesn't stop them from trying to bust open a case that involves counterfeiting and smuggling Chinese illegals to America. Complicating the situation is the pregnancy of Riggs’ girlfriend, the highly competent detective Lorna Cole (Rene Russo), who wants to marry Riggs. Also pregnant is Murtaugh's daughter, who has secretly married Lee Butters (Christ Rock), a go-getting cop. Eventually, the strands of this complicated mess unravel. The good guys win; the bad guys take some violent falls; and the Lethal Weapon series concludes with a so-so finale.

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Rush Hour

Rush Hour is filled with nearly every buddy-cop-movie cliché imaginable and has little new to offer beyond teaming the stoic Chinese martial-arts star Jackie Chan with the streetwise American comedian Chris Tucker. The plot gets going in Hong Kong just as the British are handing it over to the Chinese. Detective Inspector Lee (Chan) almost succeeds in capturing a top criminal, but the fugitive gets away. The action quickly jumps to Los Angeles where Detective James Carter (Tucker) is slightly more successful in apprehending criminals. Carter's unorthodox style alienates his police superiors, and they assign him to FBI agents who need assistance in solving the kidnapping of the Chinese counsel's daughter. The agents want Carter to baby-sit Lee, who has been imported by the desperately worried counsel. Lee is too competent to stay on the sidelines, and after a series of culture-clash misunderstandings, he and Carter team up to find the little girl and collar the mastermind behind the plot. Martial-arts fans will enjoy watching Chan do his stuff, and action addicts will get a fix from watching Rush Hour's pyrotechnics. Other viewers will anxiously watch the clock, waiting for this leaden thriller-comedy to finally terminate.

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— Loretta Seyer