Have you seen our new website? I knew in theory that it was going to represent a significant improvement over the “old” NCRegister.com. What I didn’t know until it went live Jan. 11 was just how dynamic it would be in action. Let’s just say that every so often God sends a reminder that he has blessed me with a remarkably talented and faithful crew.

Had you asked me 10 years ago, I might have predicted a website that, in 2010, would more or less mirror our print edition. But NCRegister.com does far more than that. It needs to, if we are to keep you fed on the facts as they unfold and help you think with the Church on the developments of the day.

There’s so much going on that affects Catholics today — and so many Catholics are doing so much to build the Kingdom of Christ — that this still-emerging medium is actually a great fit for us. In fact, it’s no stretch to say that the Internet has become an ideal vehicle for presenting the very kind of content the Register specializes in producing.

Online we’re able to offer you original and exclusive news stories as soon as the news breaks. Our aggregation service allows us to pluck nuggets of informational wheat from among the Web’s mountains of time-wasting chaff for you. And our “blog alley” facilitates formational commentary and feisty dialogue on every aspect of Catholic living you can think of.

(Tip: If you can’t make it to a March for Life event on Jan. 22, check our site often that day for up-to-the-minute coverage of the main March for Life in Washington.)

None of this will take anything away from our print edition. In fact, we expect our Web work to push the print Register to higher levels of quality and completeness.

For all this I have a highly dedicated staff and wonderfully skilled contributors to thank. They’re too many to mention in this small space, so I hope you’ll visit NCRegister.com next time you’re online and pray for the people whose names you see — and, just as fervently, for the unsung workers whose “behind the scenes” contributions are equally integral to the carrying out of our Christian mission.