MONDAY, Sept. 9, 10pm

POV: Ping Pong

PBS This documentary tells the stories of competitors from Europe, Australia and the United States in the over-80 division of the 2010 World Veterans Table Tennis Championships in Hohhot, Inner Mongolia. The seven men and women, ages 81 to 100, bravely confront their health problems and the end of their lives.

MONDAY-THURSDAY, Sept. 9-12, 3am, 6:30pm

Mother Teresa: All for Jesus

EWTN In this six-part series’ final four segments, Austrian Msgr. Leo Maasburg continues his reminiscences of his seven years as Mother Teresa’s spiritual adviser.

TUESDAY, Sept. 10, 8 pm, 9pm

Heroic Dogs

ANIMAL PLANET At 8pm, the new documentary Hero Dogs of 9/11 interviews three 9/11 survivors and salutes the more than 300 search-and-rescue teams whose trained dogs guided victims to safety and searched for survivors. Advisory: TV-PG. At 9pm, Glory Hounds re-airs with true stories of U.S. military working dogs in Afghanistan. Says an airman whose dog Azza saved his life, "You can’t beat dogs. Dogs’ noses are one of a kind." Advisory: TV-PG.

WEDNESDAY, Sept. 11, 9pm

Nova: Ground Zero Supertower

PBS This new special reprises the design, engineering and construction of One World Trade Center at Ground Zero in Manhattan and follows the completion of the final floors and the building’s tower. The program also features the building of a museum that will exhibit artifacts from the 9/11 terror attack.

FRIDAY, Sept. 13, 7am

Save Our History: Defining Documents

HISTORY In this special, host Josh Binswanger views historic documents of American liberty at the National Archives in Washington and discusses their legacies and their relevance today. A re-airing. Advisory: TV-PG.

SATURDAY, Sept. 14, 5pm

Across the Divide

EWTN This documentary from Salt + Light looks at Palestinian-Israeli relations in a microcosm by profiling Bethlehem University, a Christian Brothers’ institution in the West Bank that is open to Muslims and Christians alike. The program focuses on Berlanty Azzam, a Gazan who was studying in Bethlehem but had been denied a residency permit. Only two months away from earning her degree, she went to Ramallah for a job interview, but Israeli soldiers arrested her at a checkpoint. After a legal battle, she returned to Gaza. Eventually, she got her degree through customized distance education. This show does not take sides; it describes both Israeli security concerns and Palestinians’ extremely difficult daily lives. Re-airs at 5pm Saturday, Sept. 14. Advisory: TV-G, but there are scenes of real-life violence.

SUNDAY, Sept. 15, 9:30am, 11:30pm

EWTN Bookmark

EWTN Host Doug Keck interviews Texas attorney and mediator David Calvillo about his book Real Men Pray the Rosary: A Practical Guide to a Powerful Prayer. The author describes his life-changing experience and shows how men can benefit from praying the Rosary. Re-airs at 5am and 5:30pm Monday.

SUNDAY, Sept. 15, 10pm

EWTN Theology Roundtable: Christology

EWTN In this show, Colin Donovan, Father Paschal Mary and EWTN’s theology staffers delve into the Church’s doctrine about Jesus. Re-airs at 5am Saturday.


Dan Engler writes from
Santa Barbara, California.