SUNDAY, May 19, 3:30 and 11am

Solemn Mass of Pentecost From Rome

EWTN Watch as Pope Francis celebrates the Mass of Pentecost in St. Peter’s Square.

SUNDAYS, May 19, May 26

North America

DISCOVERY This new, seven-part nature-wildlife series begins May 19 with "Born to Be Wild" at 9pm and "No Place to Hide" at 10pm. At 9pm on May 26 will be "Learn Young or Die." The series filmed 110 animal species. Advisory: Scenes of animal predation and privation.

TUESDAY, May 21, 8pm

The Ghost Army

PBS This new World War II documentary tells the story of the U.S. Army’s 23rd Headquarters Special Troops. This 1,100-man, top-secret unit deceived the enemy about American troop strength and positions across Europe.

SUNDAY, May 26, 11am, 1pm

World War II Film Classics

TURNER CLASSIC MOVIES At 11am, in Back to Bataan (1945), Americans and Filipino guerrillas fight the Japanese. At 1pm, John Ford’s They Were Expendable (1945) spotlights Navy PT boat crews. Advisory: Both films are TV-PG.

SUNDAY, May 26, 8 and 9:30pm

National Memorial Day Concert (2013)

PBS This 24th annual salute to America’s war dead and to all servicemen and women focuses on World War II and Korea veterans and the National Guard, with music by the National Symphony Orchestra, pop stars and U.S. military chorales.

SUNDAY, May 26, 8pm

Where God Weeps: The Mother of God Destroyed the Soviet Empire

EWTN Major Archbishop Sviatoslav Schevchuk of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church speaks about underground seminary studies and secret Masses under Soviet tyranny, the Blessed Mother’s aid and current evangelization. Re-airs at 1:30am Tuesday.

Dan Engler writes from
Santa Barbara, California.