TUESDAY-FRIDAY, Jan. 15-18, 9pm

Ultimate Guide to the Presidents

HISTORY This new, eight-hour miniseries profiles each chief executive and chronicles changes in the office of the presidency. Tuesday, Washington through Polk; Wednesday, Taylor through McKinley; Thursday, Theodore Roosevelt through Franklin Roosevelt; Friday, Truman through Obama.

TUESDAYS, Jan. 15, 22, 9pm

Wild Deep

ANIMAL PLANET This new series offers close-up views of marine wildlife. Jan. 15’s topics are the oceans off Asia and then Australia and Oceania. Jan. 22’s subjects are Africa and Europe. (The series concludes on Jan. 29 with South and North America.) Advisory: TV-PG.

TUESDAYS, Jan. 15, 22, 10pm


DISCOVERY CHANNEL This new, seven-part Discovery/BBC wildlife series takes viewers to 27 countries as it spotlights rarely or never-before filmed animal behaviors. Jan. 15’s episode focuses on the Savannah, while Jan. 22’s highlights the Congo. Advisory: Scenes of predation and animal fights.

SATURDAY, Jan. 19, 10:30pm

Savoring Our Faith

EWTN Father Leo Patalinghug describes his parents’ hospitality to people in need and showcases recipes that can accommodate unexpected guests. Re-airing at 3pm Jan. 23.

THURSDAY, Jan. 24, 5:30pm

Living Right With Dr. Ray

EWTN Register columnist Dr. Ray Guarendi and guest Marcus Grodi discuss responsibilities toward aging parents. Re-airing at 10pm Saturday, Jan. 26.

THURSDAY-FRIDAY, Jan. 24-25, live

National Prayer Vigil for Life Masses

EWTN At 6:30pm, Thursday, watch the Opening Mass of the U.S. bishops’ all-night National Prayer Vigil for Life in the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception. At 7:30am Friday, follow the vigil’s Closing Mass (re-airing at midnight).

FRIDAY, Jan. 25, 9am, live

40th Annual March for Life

EWTN Hundreds of thousands of pro-lifers rally on the National Mall and then march up Constitution Avenue to the Supreme Court to protest the infamous Roe v. Wade abortion ruling of Jan. 22, 1973. Note: C-Span usually rebroadcasts the march in the evening.


FRIDAY, Jan. 25, 10pm

Central and Eastern Europe: A Return to Life

EWTN How pro-lifers are building the culture of life in countries that have been freed from anti-life, atheistic, communist misrule. Advisory: TV-PG.

SATURDAY, Jan. 26, 2:30pm, live

Ninth Annual Walk for Life West Coast

EWTN Join with tens of thousands of pro-lifers as they rally at Civic Center Plaza in San Francisco and then march prayerfully for babies, moms and the right to life.

Dan Engler writes from
Santa Barbara, California.