Bishop Gabino Zavala, the chairman of the U.S. bishops’ communications committee, addressed the Catholic Press Association in New Orleans June 3. His topic: what it means to be a faithful Catholic media organization. Naturally, the Register is interested.

“At their core, Catholic media organizations have two main roles to play in our Church: to inform and to teach,” said Bishop Zavala, who also serves as an auxiliary bishop of Los Angeles. “There are so many wonderful stories in our large, diverse Church, stories that only Catholic media can cover.”

The bishop’s full message both encourages and challenges the Register team. We’re encouraged because, using his vision as a benchmark, we see that we’re doing much right. We’re challenged because, clearly, we have room to reach even higher.

Said Bishop Zavala, “Catholic media has a … unique role of teaching and helping Catholics to deepen their understanding of their faith and how it is lived out in the world.”

We’d like to ask you: How good a job do you think we’re doing of informing and teaching?

Read Bishop Zavala’s talk at, pray about this question and then let us know your thoughts. You could end up shaping the course of the Register.

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Thank you, in advance, for any feedback you can offer.

God bless!