What are the conditions necessary for man to find God? John Paul II dedicated his general audience June 20 to answering this question.

Addressing more than 10,000 faithful gathered in St. Peter's Square, the Pope addressed the question asked in one way or another by all who seek God: “Who may go up the mountain of the Lord? Who can stand in his holy place?”

This is the way the question is posed in Psalm 24. Pope John Paul said that the psalm responds by saying that what is needed are purity of action and intention, purity of religion and worship, and justice and honesty.

The psalm lists these conditions not as “ritualistic and external rules,” but as “moral and existential commitments to be put into practice.”

With these conditions, the heart of man prepares for the meeting with the infinite God who, as Psalm 24 demonstrates, despite being “all–powerful and eternal, adapts himself to his human creatures, draws near to them to meet them, listen to them and enter into communion with them.”