Regarding “Pro-Abortion and Catholic?” (Nov. 3-9):

Pro-abortion Catholic politicians bring to mind St. Thomas More, our most famous conscientious objector: The current pro-abortion appeal to conscience seems upside-down.

St. Thomas More objected to the new law of the land in defense of the Church. The modern conscientious objectors, like Jennifer Granholm and Gray Davis, promote the new law of the land in spite of the Church.

The old-fashioned conscientious objectors, like St. Thomas More or antiwar protesters, formed their objections based on religious beliefs. The new objectors form their objections based on anything but Church teaching.

St. Thomas More lost prestige, power and wealth. The modern objectors gain prestige, power and wealth.

St. Thomas More suffered a glorious martyrdom. Our current political conscientious objectors enjoy a gilded glory.


Houston, Texas