We have been telling you a lot about Pope2008.com recently. One reason we are talking about it so much is that it’s new, and therefore, exciting.

But another reason is that it is truly making an impact.

The immediacy of the Internet has allowed us to “break” several stories using Pope2008.com. The site was the first news source to provide the music list for the liturgical events in New York. It was also the first news source to verify that the singer Kelly Clarkson (a winner of Fox TV’s “American Idol” talent contest) will appear at the youth festival.

Pope2008.com was also the first to break the news that jazz singer Harry Connick Jr. will appear at “The Concert of Hope” that will precede the Yankee Stadium Mass, and that he will compose pieces for the day’s events.

Tim Drake deserves the credit for finding these stories — and for securing the first look at the Yankee Stadium stage you see on page one of this issue.

God bless!