Pope John Paul II made a powerful plea to his countrymen to respect human life June 13 when he spoke out firmly against abortion, euthanasia and prenatal medical intervention, said the Associated Press.

The Pope also referred to “interventions and … experimentation,” said the report, which seemed “to refer to medical procedures such as amniocentesis, which can detect genetic problems in a fetus.”

He told the people to show respect for “the laws of nature” which needed to be “extended to mankind itself.”

Said the Pope, “Is it really possible to oppose the destruction of the environment while allowing, in the name of comfort and convenience, the slaughter of the unborn and the procured death of the elderly and the infirm, and the carrying out, in the name of progress, of unacceptable interventions and forms of experimentation at the very beginning of human life?

“When the good of science or economic interests prevail over the good of the person, and ultimately of whole societies, environmental destruction is a sign of a real contempt for man.”