The Vatican Council spoke about the media and in particular the great responsibility that journalists have. They must always report the truth and not simply try to create public opinion (See stories on media coverage of abortion and vocations on Page 1). In Inter Mirifica the council said:

A special responsibility for the proper use of the means of social communication rests on journalists, writers, actors, designers, producers exhibitors, distributors, operators, sellers, critics — all those, in a word, who are involved in the making and transmission of communications in any way whatever. It is clear that a very great responsibility rests on all of these people in today's world: they have power to direct mankind along a good path or an evil path by the information they impart and the pressure they exert.

It will be for them to regulate economic, political and artistic values in a way that will not conflict with the common good. To achieve this result more surely, they will do well to form professional organizations capable of imposing on their members — if necessary by a formal pledge to observe a moral code — a respect for the moral law in the problems they encounter and in their activities.

They should always be mindful of the fact that a very large proportion of their readership and audience are young people who are in need of publications and entertainments for wholesome amusement and inspiration. They should ensure that religious features are entrusted to serious and competent persons and are handled with proper respect.