As we reach the 100-day mark in our 80th anniversary year, I wanted to take a moment to thank all of you, our readers, subscribers, supporters and friends who have been so instrumental in making the Register a success.

Re-consecrating our mission at the feet of the Lord in the Holy Land was a powerful and uplifting experience for me. To those staff members and pilgrims who joined me in the Holy Land, and to those who made it possible: Thank you!

Thanks also to those foundations that help us to find new subscribers. This year alone, we have raised more than $95,000 in our “Weeks” program from our readers, and received a $375,000 foundation gift. Thank you!

As our Mutual Admiration Society feature shows, many of you are raising funds for your organizations while increasing our readership. Thank you!

We have almost wrapped up our efforts to get the Register into the hands of newly ordained priests throughout the country — so far we have raised $26,000 to finance those subscriptions. While we are hoping for more to completely fund the subscriptions for the nearly 500 newly ordained, we are very thankful to all who contributed so generously.

Finally, we will be launching our Annual Fund Drive in the next few weeks. In order to continue to bring you the quality product you have come to expect every week, I thank you in advance for your support.

The fund drive may not be as flashy as other projects, but it is critical for our not-for-profit media apostolate. Please look in your mail for the brochure and information and support us as generously as you can.

Finally, a big thank you to all of you — whatever your support, as a donor, advertiser, subscriber, reader or friend. Thanks to you, more than 125,000 people are reading this paper this week.