I'm pleased to present to you our special commemorative section, "Pope Benedict XVI: A Legacy of Truth in Love."

Encapsulating his papacy in these pages — and others throughout this edition — was a labor of love. I hope the news and analysis from the assemblage of writers and commentators will whet your appetite to seek and discover on your own the treasury of knowledge and spiritual insight of Pope Benedict.

I had the privilege to meet with Pope Benedict XVI last June. Following his weekly audience, I conveyed to the Pope the greeting of EWTN’s employees and our gratitude for the opportunity to be of service to him and the Church.

The Holy Father said that he is well aware of the work of EWTN around the world and told me, "I am very grateful to you and your collaborators for spreading the Gospel to the world. Your work is very important to the New Evangelization, and I personally thank you for what you are doing. Please continue your great work."

Please join me in praying for our beloved departing Pope — and for his successor, who will carry on the critical mission to serve and lead the Church in these tumultuous times for our world.

God bless you!