“Living Stones is a new concept for our country.

Other reconstruction projects are only houses, just shelters…but what you are building provides health, education, job training and access to good jobs. I believe ‘Living Stones’ will launch people into a new life. Our hope is that you will be very successful, so we can have a lot of ‘Living Stones’ communities, not just for earthquake survivors but for all those who need a new beginning.”

— Patricia Fortín, General Manager FISDL

El Salvador Federal Aid Distribution Office

“Living Stones is a model city. We know that there is not one like it in the entire country. Our town feels so blessed to have the first of these towns.” “I would like to assure all of those who are making the “Living Stones” project bloom in Santiago Nonualco that you are truly helping our municipality to get back on its feet again after the earthquakes. As a municipality, we thank you very much, and we ask that God multiplies all the generous help that you are sending to us.”

— Marvin Morena de Canales, Mayor of Santiago Nonualco

“Living Stones will build for us not just 232 houses, but a vision for a new atmosphere and environment for the family, which has become so weakened in our country. With the help of Catholic World Mission, we will restore the dignity of the family, create marriages where there are now only parents of children, and rescue the children from lives of ignorance, disease, and despair. I wish all God's blessings on these works.”

— Monseñor Elias Bolaños, Bishop of Zacatecoluca