A new Gallup survey found a record-low percentage of Americans identifying themselves as supporting legalized abortion: 41%. 

The poll also found that 51% of Americans call themselves “pro-life,” one percentage point away from the record high. 

In addition, a Knights of Columbus-Marist Poll released May 22 found that 74% of Americans say that freedom of religion should be protected.

The survey also found that 58% of Americans believe health-care providers and organizations should be able to opt out of providing abortion. In addition, 51% believe in allowing opting out of providing abortion-inducing drugs.

Many Americans — 52% — also believe health-care providers should be allowed to opt out of providing in vitro fertilization treatments and birth control (51%), even though 88% believe contraception is morally acceptable. 

Also, 72% of Americans said that forcing health-care workers to provide abortions when they object for religious reasons is morally wrong, and 58% said that abortion is morally wrong. In addition, 52% said that same-sex “marriage” is morally wrong.

Plus, 55% said it should be permissible to refuse to give medication to speed the deaths of terminally ill patients. 

And 88% of those polled believe that religious leaders should speak out about religious-freedom issues.