Now I would like to respond to Holy Harry in last week's Register by saying Harry Potter is no big deal! What I mean by that is that your last 100 Harry Potter letters have emphasized the good or bad things about the books and movie, by referring to Harry Potter books like it was a world threatening occurrence that would make every 8-year-old in the world practice witchcraft.

The point that I want to make is that the real substance in Harry Potter books is minimal (I mean moral and immoral), and a good Catholic newspaper must be having substance problems too if it runs repetitive Harry Potter letters week after week to fill in.

Now I would like to clear up a few things (I'm already sounding like other letters, so I won't stop now). Reading Harry Potter is like playing Nintendo games. Every time you finish one, you're bored and want to play, or in this case, read another.

What I mean by this is that Harry Potter is just cheap thrills. The good seems to be balanced out by the bad and the stupid by the intelligent, creating an uncertainty unrivaled by Pokèmon.

In every “kid craze” parents act like it will never end and their child will be caught up in a make believe world forever.

When Pokèmon went out, children chastised themselves about being wrapped up in it in the first place.

Harry Potter will be the same. I call for parents to not be jittery about a simple fad and to try to keep their minds on more important things.


Stayton, Oregon