Here are Pope John Paul's 1991 stations of the cross, all based on Gospel texts. These are the stations that Holy Trinity Parish will be portraying in a new church due to be dedicated Nov. 18.

1. The agony of Jesus in the garden

2. The betrayal and arrest of Jesus

3. The Sanhedrin condemns Jesus

4. Peter denies Jesus

5. Pilate condemns Jesus to the Cross

6. Jesus is scourged and crowned with thorns

7. Jesus is mocked by the soldiers and given his cross

8. Simon of Cyrene helps Jesus carry the cross

9. Jesus meets the women of Jerusalem

10. Jesus is crucified

11. Jesus promises paradise to the penitent criminal

12. Jesus speaks to his mother and to his disciple

13. Jesus dies on the cross

14. The burial of Jesus

15. Jesus rises from the dead