Let's concentrate on Marian sites for this month's Web picks.

The Marian Library at udayton.edu/mary was put together by the Marianists, appropriately enough. Located at the University of Dayton, this library has the world's largest collection of printed information on Mary. Marian questions, meditations, prayers and a gallery are some of the selections you will find on the Web site.

Anna, who has multiple sclerosis, put together For the Love of the Blessed Virgin Mary Web ring at http://2hearts.net/BVMary.htm. The ring links to 154 sites that honor the Blessed Mother.

Catholic Answers has a category on its Web site called Mary & Saints at catholic.com/library/mary-_saints.asp; it answers some common questions on Mary.

Make sure you see what the Catechism of the Catholic Church has to say about Mary at scborromeo.org/ccc/p123a9p6.htm.

This summer you might want to plant a Mary Garden. Don't know what that is? See the Mary's Gardens Home Page at mgardens.org for everything you need to know.

One can never get enough on Mary. So check out further sources on her in my Marian Catholic Internet Directory category at monksofadoration.org/mary.html.