Priest Found Innocent and Forgives Accuser

ASSOCIATED PRESS, Aug. 23 — Father Miguel Flores, 34, of the California Diocese of Fresno, has been acquitted of all charges connected with a rape alleged by a 16-year-old girl who once worked at his church.

Had he been convicted, Flores could have faced 26 years in prison. Prosecutors said they were satisfied the facts in the case had been aired.

Associated Press reported that “after the jury left the courtroom, the priest said he thanked God and the jury. He said he planned to celebrate and pray,” and offered forgiveness to his accuser.

Church officials said that Flores “could return to active ministry next year.”

Hoover's FBI Sent Innocent Men to Face Death Penalty

THE NEW YORK TIMES, Aug. 24 — Media have made much of the abuses alleged against J. Edgar Hoover, and a new report in the Aug. 24 New York Times seems particularly damning — and offers fodder to opponents of the death penalty.

It seems the longtime director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation — stung by criticism that he fumbled the fight against organized crime — embarked during the 1960s on an elaborate scheme to attack northeastern crime “families” by bribing some of their members to become government informants.

So far, so good; police still use such tactics. But Hoover went much further, the report alleged, to the point where the FBI learned about and failed to prevent a mob-related murder in 1965, a crime for which Hoover allowed four innocent men to be framed.

“Four other men were tried, convicted and sentenced to death or life in prison for the murder, though they had had nothing to do with it,” the Times wrote. “One, Joseph Salvati, who spent 30 years in prison, filed notice with the Justice Department last week that he planned to sue the FBI for $300 million for false imprisonment. … Two of the other wrongly convicted men died in prison. Their survivors have joined the fourth man, Peter Limone, in a $375 million lawsuit against the Justice Department. Mr. Limone was sentenced to die in the electric chair. His life was spared only when Massachusetts outlawed the death penalty in 1974.”

Dannon Yogurt Says God Is a Woman

ONEMILLIONDADS.COM, Aug. 26 — Dannon Yogurt appears to be a little mixed up.

In a newly released print ad appearing in the Sept. 1 issue of Woman's Day magazine, Dannon offers this boast: “100 Calories. 0% fat. Proof that there is a God and she is a woman watching her figure.”, an activist group associated with the American Family Association, is protesting the ad and asking Dannon Yogurt to show more respect for biblical representations of God.