‘So Much for Kerry Catholicism’

THE AMERICAN SPECTATOR, March 23 — Sen. John Kerry, D-Mass., the presumed Democratic nominee for president, is making the rounds on the campaign trail — and the ski trail.

On a recent visit to Idaho, Kerry decided to attend Sunday Mass. Two rows were roped off for him and his entourage at the 10:30 a.m. Mass on March 21 at Our Lady of the Snows Catholic Church.

Not only did Kerry arrive 11 minutes late, the American Spectator noted, but also “adding further insult, Kerry arrived noisily, fully outfitted for skiing, not dressed for a religious service.” Kerry also received the Holy Eucharist, the magazine noted, even though as a senator and a presidential contender he supports legal abortion and has voiced his support for euthanasia. He has stated he disagrees with the Church in its teachings on both those issues.

“So much,” the magazine stated, “for Kerry Catholicism.”

Use of RU-486 Claims Another Teen's Life

LIFENEWS.COM, March 17 — Tamia Russell, 15, of Detroit, died earlier this year after using RU-486 for a second-trimester abortion. The drug is suspected in causing her death.

On Jan. 7, Russell confessed to her family to being six months pregnant with her 24-year-old boyfriend's child and that his sister had taken her to get an abortion. The next day, after returning from the abortion business, Russell was bleeding heavily. Before medics could get her to the hospital, she died.

It is illegal in Michigan for a minor to receive an abortion without parental consent. WomenCare of Southfield, where Russell obtained her abortion, is not known to have reported the statutory rape case, LifeNews reported. Also, the business' own policy states women must be less than 49 days pregnant when receiving a chemical abortion; Russell was in her sixth month.

The Wayne County medical examiner's office listed the cause of Russell's death as “uterine infarction with sepsis, due to status post-second-trimester abortion.” The cause is identical to that of Holly Patterson, a 19-year-old California girl who died in September after using RU-486.

Catholic Speaker's Son Killed in Auto Accident

ST. PETERSBURG TIMES (Florida), March 23 — Cpl. Simon Benkovic, 25, son of Living His Life Abundantly International Inc. president and Catholic Women of Grace founder Johnnette Benkovic, survived hand-to-hand combat, daily gunfire and mortar fights while serving in Iraq.

But less than three months after he came home, the army corporal was killed March 20 after the truck he was driving jumped a median and struck a tree.

“He always said, ‘If I made it home from Iraq, I could make it home from anything,’” a friend told the newspaper.

During his six-month tour of duty in Iraq last year, Benkovic took part in numerous missions to find Saddam Hussein and other Iraqi officials. He was promoted to corporal while serving there and received five Army Commendation Medals, an honor nearly as prestigious as the Bronze Star.