Regarding “Former Boston Mayor: If Legislators Don't Let People Vote, Vote Them Out” (Feb. 22-28):

The citizens of Massachusetts have been let down by their representatives in the Legislature. They would not give them the right to vote on the future of the very foundation of our society, marriage between one man and one woman. The fact they chose to side with powerful special interests over the voice of the people is a disgrace and the epitome of arrogance.

However, throughout this debate, an amazing thing has happened. Catholics have reawaked and have become more involved than in recent memory. Thousands attended educational meetings around the state, contacted their legislators and joined us at a rally on the Boston Common. They stood for two hours in the snow and in freezing temperatures to make their voices heard. Thousands more joined them from across the country with prayers and encouragement. And as both Archbishop Sean O'malley and I said at the Common, this effort was not against anyone but is for the stability and dignity of marriage.

Today Catholics are outraged but not discouraged. They have been energized and are proud and confident of what we have accomplished working together in just a few short weeks. They are determined their voices be heard through a new, united, lay-led Catholic action. We are going to stand up and continue to raise our voices on issues to protect the family as well as fight for the dignity of every human life, defend unalienable human rights and advocate for the poor and vulnerable.

This has also united Catholics and other people of good will around the country and has elevated this to a top presidential-campaign issue. There is now a clear message that nothing short of the Federal Marriage Amendment is essential to protect marriage and the family in our land.

So while there is disappointment in our governmental process, there is hope and unity among the Catholic laity. This is a new beginning.



The writer, a former U.S. ambassador to the Vatican and mayor of Boston, is national president of Your Catholic Voice.

Regarding “Massachusetts Court Ruling Energizes Marriage-Amendment Advocates” (Feb. 15-21):

If a lesbian couple marry and somehow arrange to “have children,” the children will be deprived of a father's love. Similarly, if a homosexual male couple marry and somehow arrange to “have children,” the children will be deprived of a mother's love.

This discrimination against children, individually and as a class, is already occurring when states allow homosexual couples to adopt. Homosexual marriage and adoption are the most aggressive way to oppose gender diversity; the effect of this upon society will be horrific and will give those who oppose American democracy a new weapon in their propaganda arsenal.

Please contact your state and national legislators. A constitutional amendment might be what is necessary to save children from this form of child abuse. There can be little doubt that, when hearings begin, some children raised by homosexual couples will testify about how “normal” their childhoods were. Pro-homosexual psychologists can be counted on as well.


Hopewell Junction, New York