Stable Homes Cut Teen Sex

THE OBSERVER, July 22 — Teenagers who come from stable homes with married parents are much less likely to have underage sex and unwanted pregnancies, according to one of the largest surveys of teenage behavior, reported British newspaper, The Observer.

The findings for the first time make a direct link between the teenager's family environment and his or her attitude to sex.

The survey of 2,000 teenagers aged 13–15 reveals that teenagers are twice as likely to engage in underage sex if their parents are separated or cohabiting rather than married.

Embryo Research Illegal

NEW YORK TIMES, July 24 — Nearly two dozen states already have laws that govern research on embryos and fetuses, and at least nine ban any experimenting with human embryos.

Just one state, South Dakota, explicitly forbids stem cell studies. Last year, at the urging of abortion opponents, South Dakota made it a misdemeanor to experiment with cells or tissues obtained from human embryos.

Legal experts say the existing statutes could impede university scientists and biotechnology companies, not only because of the bans but also because some states prohibit payment for embryonic tissue.

Broadly construed, such provisions could prevent scientists from buying stem cells — even if President George W. Bush approves federal funding for research — and could prevent companies from selling stem cell-based therapies.

Reform Party Is Pro-Life

THE BALTIMORE SUN, July 30 — Following the lead of its 2000 presidential nominee Pat Buchanan, the national Reform Party adopted a pro-life platform plank, reported the Baltimore Sun.

After two hours of debate and three votes, national convention delegates voted to recognize that life begins at conception and to support overturning Roe v. Wade.

The party adopted a manifesto that ranged from defining marriage as between a man and woman to opposing the use of fetal tissue for research, opposing hate crimes laws, restoring God to the public square and returning the nation to its Christian roots.

Birth After 8-Month Coma

ASSOCIATED PRESS, July 26 — A car-crash victim who was in a coma virtually her entire pregnancy has given birth to a healthy, nearly 8-pound daughter, reported the Associated Press. Doctors said it is one of few known cases in the United States in which a comatose woman was able to carry a baby to full term.

The mother, Chastity Cooper, 23, of Erlanger, Ky., has slowly improved since a November auto accident, but still cannot move or talk. Routine tests done in the emergency room after the accident revealed that she was two weeks pregnant.