Physicians' Right to Object

CANADIAN PHYSICIANS FOR LIFE, June 7 — The notion that physicians who object to abortion for reasons of conscience are obliged to refer patients for the procedure has been refuted by Canadian Physicians for Life.

Canadian Physicians for Life president Dr. Will Johnson responded that both in Alberta and nationally, a physician's responsibility is to make their personal views known. Johnston said a doctor then must “outline the potential mental and physical risks of abortion,” such as increased risk of breast cancer or post-abortion trauma.

Johnson added that, “For a woman to make a truly “informed decision” she must be presented with the facts of human embryology of her unborn child.”

Copper's Role in Miscarriage

BBC NEWS, June 4 — Embryos must have a supply of copper if they are to develop properly, scientists have discovered, reported BBC News.

Three separate studies have established the metal as a crucial player in the proper formation of organs and tissues during pregnancy.

The work suggests that some miscarriages may be caused by genetic defects relating to copper.

Although the research was carried out in unborn mice, the scientists are confident the same holds good for humans.

Pregnant women, however, have been advised not to try to increase the amount of copper in their diets as too much can be toxic.

Most people get plenty of copper from their daily diet, but some have genetic problems that prevent the body from properly using the nutrient.

Attempt at Forced Abortion

ASSOCIATED PRESS, June, 6 — A 24-year-old New York farmhand was sentenced to two to four years in prison for spiking his pregnant girlfriend's drink with a veterinary drug used to cause abortions in cows.

Danny R. Court of Covington pleaded guilty in April to second-degree abortion.

Police said there was no evidence his 19-year-old girlfriend or the unborn child was harmed after Court slipped the drug into her drink in December. He got the drug from the farm where he worked.

Abortions in Lancaster County

LANCASTER NEW ERA, June 6 — Planned Parenthood's bid to do abortions in Lancaster City, Pa., suffered a major setback when the Supreme Court decided not to hear the appeal of a Commonwealth Court ruling that said performing abortions would violate Lancaster City's zoning law, reported the Lancaster New Era.

Lancaster United for Life had organized prayer rallies and mounted legal challenges before the city Zoning Hearing Board.