Get Married, Tiger

USA Today, May 30 — Calling Jack Nicklaus “the greatest player in the history of golf,” USA Today, asked whether Tiger Woods could keep up his current record-setting pace till he surpasses the Golden Bear.

The newspaper put the question to Nicklaus, who answered: “It will be very difficult for him to keep the focus on what he's doing and what his life is if he does-n't get married and have a family.”

Nicklaus said a bachelor isn't likely to be emotionally strong enough to make golf history. “I look at a lot of guys I started with at the same time who were probably as talented as I was, maybe more, but they were not married, they didn't have the support that I had. They sort of went by the wayside.”

The newspaper headed one section of the article: “Family is best prize of all to Nicklaus.”

Son Saves Mom's Life

ARIZONA REPUBLIC, May 30 — Nearly two decades ago, Robyn Bowen refused when a doctor said she needed an abortion to save her life. The son she bore back then was scheduled May 30 to give her a chance to live by donating a kidney.

Bowen was three months pregnant when a doctor at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minn., warned that her unborn baby would drain important nutrients and put a strain on her failing kidneys. Bowen delivered a healthy baby, Brandon Clute, three weeks early.

Bowen said, “We are going back to the same place that told us [my son] would kill me and now he is giving me life.”

Testimonies on the Web

PRIESTS FOR LIFE, May 30 — Priests for Life and the Elliot Institute have announced a combined effort to make post-abortive women's testimonies available to the public.

Both groups have collected testimonies and case studies and, with the permission of those who wrote them, the testimonies have been posted at and the Elliot Institute's


Launching the resource, Fr. Frank Pavone, Director of Priests for Life, asked, “If abortion supporters believe abortion is a woman's issue, shouldn't they listen to the voices of women who have had abortions?”

Court Forgives Novice

LIFESITE DAILY NEWS, May 30 — The Illinois Court of Appeals recently reversed the trespassing conviction of sidewalk counselor Laura Carroll.

Carroll, now Sister Mary Alix, writing from her convent, said “All Glory to God! I am grateful for the Court's thoughtful and prudent ruling.”

Carroll's “crime” was walking onto an abortion clinic's parking lot to deliver pamphlets.

The appeals court accepted the argument put forward by Carroll's attorneys that she acted because she was invited by a person in the parking lot.