Singapore's Perks for Births

NEW YORK TIMES, April 25—Alarmed by its declining birthrate, Singapore, the city-state of 4 million people, is urging its citizens to multiply as fast as they can, reported the New York Times.

“We need more babies!” Prime Minister Goh Chok Tong said last fall.

A government office, the Working Committee on Marriage and Procreation, has developed monetary and workplace incentives that go into effect this month, reported the Times.

In what it calls the Baby Bonus Scheme, the government is offering cash to couples who have second and third children, extending maternity leave and adding a brief paternity leave for government workers. It is experimenting with flexible working hours to make child rearing easier and offering special deals on apartment rentals to young couples.

Abortion's Aftermath

THE LANTERN, April 27—An Ohio State University student wrote in his school's newspaper, The Lantern, that abortion supporters should consider the aftermath of abortion when defending the act.

Rich Bordner cited studies reporting that a very high percentage of women who have abortions feel guilt, from 70% to 92%, depending on the study.

“Some women go into a self-destruct mode, doing things such as getting pregnant again in an attempt to ‘compensate’ for the abortion of her previous child, having an affair, becoming depressed or punishing themselves,” wrote Bordner.

Immoral Laws Are Null

LIFESITE DAILY NEWS, April 25—Archbishop Estanislao Karlic, president of the Argentine bishops'conference, has said that Argentines don't have to obey a new birth control law approved by the House of Representatives and now waiting for approval by the Senate, reported LifeSite Daily News.

“Laws must be in accordance with the well-being of the human person, that is the key condition for a law to be respected,” said Archbishop Karlic.

The new law forces public hospitals and the Social Security agency to provide non-permanent birth control to all women, including minors without their parents’ consent.

“If the law goes directly against true values, then it is not a law, since an unjust law just ceases to exist,” said Archbishop Karlic.

Docs Oppose Gender Tests

THE HINDU, April 25 —The Indian Medical Association has asked its members to refrain from conducting sex-determination tests and aiding female feticide, reported The Hindu.

“We as an organization should warn our members against aiding in such heinous crimes,” said Dr. Vinay Agarwal, joint secretary of the association, at a regional workshop on female feticide and infanticide.

Other spokespeople of the association called for effective monitoring and reporting practices to be developed.

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