After Coma, a Newborn Baby

ASSOCIATED PRESS, March 14 — An 18-year-old woman regained consciousness a week after giving birth to a healthy girl while in a coma induced by a car accident, reported the Associated Press.

Shannon Kranzberg gave birth Jan. 14 after a staph infection apparently triggered labor. She had been in a coma for two months.

“I just woke up and the baby was there,” Kranzberg said, reported the Associated Press.

Doctors say it's rare for a woman in a coma to give birth, especially by natural delivery.

Years of Prayer Close Clinic

THE MERCURY, March 9 — The Women's Health Foundation, the Australian state of Tasmania's only independent abortion clinic, closed its doors this week because of a decrease in demand for abortions, reported The Mercury.

Every Thursday, supporters of the Human Life Protection Society have gathered in Moonah to pray for the protection of unborn babies in Tasmania. The group held its first meeting in a house next to the abortion facility shortly after it opened, reported The Mercury.

Society spokesman Noel Roberts said the ecumenical prayer meetings, which began in August 1992, were believed to be longest running in Australia.

South Carolina Fetal Defense

KNIGHT RIDDER, March 12 — An unborn baby would be classified as a “person” in South Carolina from the moment of conception, under a bill to be considered by the South Carolina Senate Judiciary Committee, in order to prosecute criminals who kill or injure unborn children during the course of an attack on a pregnant woman, reported Knight Ridder.

Also, a driver who causes a car crash in which an unborn child is killed, for example, could be charged with manslaughter under the law.

Ethical Lung Transplants

BBC NEWS, March 16 — A new technique would allow lung transplants from dead donors, for the first time, reported the BBC News.

Prior to this technology, only lungs from donors whose hearts were still beating but who were declared “brain dead” could be used for transplants. The new technique allows transplant of the lungs even though the donor's heart has stopped beating, reported BBC News.

A successful transplant has shown that coolant pumped into the lungs of the dead body over an hour after death allows the lungs to survive for another 12-24 hours.

Dr. Stig Steen, professor of cardiothoracic surgery at the University of Lund in Sweden describes in the current issue of The Lancet a successful lung transplant using the new technique. The recipient of the lung has survived thus far for five months.