Federal Court Reverses Itself in Abortion Case

MILWAUKEE JOURNAL-SENTINEL, Nov. 19—In a surprise turn-about, a federal appeals court reversed a decision it made a day earlier, saying it would reconsider arguments from opponents of Wisconsin's partial-birth abortion ban who are trying to block the law from taking effect, reported the newspaper.

Saying it was acting on its own, the court, in a two-sentence decision, said it will reconsider a plea by pro-abortion rights groups that the Wisconsin law and an Illinois law be placed on hold until the Supreme Court can rule on its constitutionality, the paper reported.

The Nov. 19 decision means that Wisconsin cannot begin enforcing the ban. The court did not give a reason for the reversal, said the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel.

Pro-Abortion Feminists Oppose ‘Choose Life’ Plates

ASSOCIATED PRESS, Nov. 23—A specialty license plate with a crayon drawing of two children and the message “Choose Life” won final approval Nov. 23 despite criticism it is a political statement against abortion, reported the wire service.

Money raised by sales of the plate — which is expected to become available in two to three months for an extra $22 — will go toward organizations that serve pregnant women who plan to put their babies up for adoption.

Legislation for the “Choose Life” plate was first passed in 1998 but vetoed by Democratic Gov. Lawton Chiles. Bush signed a similar measure in June, reported the AP.

The National Organization for Women has said it will go to court to try to block the tag's release. Toni Van Pelt, president of NOW's Florida chapter, called the plate “an attempt to interfere with a woman's right to choose.”

Supporters said the plate, which is the first of its kind in America, is not anti-abortion.

According to the AP, the governor said, “It's for adoption. If people want to politicize that, they'll politicize anything.”

Sex-Selection Abortions Expand to Japan and India

LOS ANGELES TIMES, Nov. 18—It started first with communist China's one-child policy. Parents reportedly aborted female fetuses so they could have a son.

Now, the practice of sex-selection abortion has spread throughout Asia. The newest countries include Japan and India, reported the Los Angeles Times. New statistics reveal that parents in Japan are aborting their baby boys.

Fifteen years ago, the Japanese public was biased toward boys, but social and economic pressures on the island's males have helped trigger an astounding reversal. “It's tough to be a man,” Yukio Nakayama, editor of My Baby magazine, is quoted saying. “There's a lot more pressure.” The report claims that Japanese boys are “condemned to endure a take-no-prisoners educational system, followed by a life sentence as a faceless drone.”

The desire for girl babies is anomalous on the Asian continent, where abortions of female unborn children are widespread. Significant imbalance in the sexes has resulted from sex-selection abortions in many nations: China has 118 boys per 100 girls under age 5, Korea has 117-to-100, and Taiwan is 110-to-100.

India's ancient bride-dowry tradition, which guarantees a generous stipend to a daughter's new husband, contributes to the pro-male sex selection abortions there. Impoverished families that adhere to this custom regard the birth of a girl as a bankrupting curse that must be aborted, reported the Los Angeles Times.