Defending HMOs

Today, there is a frequent, convoluted politically motivated media feeding frenzy attacking the HMO concept (“Debate Rages Over Remedy for Health-Care Industry,” Register Aug. 1 – 7 issue). All HMOs are painted with the same indiscriminate broad brush which I resent.

In the last seven years I have utilized seven specialists, been hospitalized four times, and had three surgical procedures. [I have had] numerous emergency room visits and average about 50 doctor appointments yearly.

If I didn't have an HMO, my wife and I would be pushing shopping carts and living under a viaduct.

If the HMO system is not broken, it doesn't need fixing, especially by politicians!

Stephen Conway Banning, California

Married Priests

I thank you for the article “Married Priests and Their Wives Defend Church Rule on Celibacy” (Register, July 18 – 24). It was a well-balanced and, I believe, clear presentation of our views.

However, the last section “What the Church Says” quoted the Code of Canon Law, No. 277, to show support for priestly celibacy. The reference failed to mention that the Code is for the Latin Church and does not apply to the Eastern Catholic churches which have their own code of canon law approved by Rome. Because the article earlier stated that “Eastern Catholic rite … permits the ordination of married men” it would appear that the Eastern Catholic churches are practicing something against canon law. We are not, according to our own code.

Father Miguel Grave de Peralta,

Assistant, St. Ignatius of Antioch Melkite Greek Catholic Church Augusta, Georgia

Correction: Last week a production glitch led to a headline that read, “World Excommunicated.” “World” was intended by an editor to designate a category of news — not, of course, as part of the headline.