Schismatic Charity?

Your editorial “Radical Love” (Sept. 12–18), which repents for the sins of the Church's children, seems to fall into the factionalism it denounces. When you condemn “the Inquisition” and “the Crusades,” do you not become a faction? By the power of the keys they held from Christ, the supreme pontiffs granted indulgences for crusading. The papal inquisition was established by the supreme disciplinary authority of the Church, which is protected by the Holy Spirit, at the Fourth Lateran Council. There are canonized saints who were inquisitors, for example, St. John of Capistrano, St. Pius V and St. Peter Martyr. The Venerable Pius IX canonized the martyred Peter Arbues, inquisitor of Aragon, whose shed blood worked well-attested miracles, and he approved the prayer which says God raised Peter Arbues up to battle Jewish unbelief and Mohammedan superstition. Need it be pointed out that the pope is the supreme guardian of the Church's public prayer?

It sounds as if the Register is in danger of becoming schismatic, breaking communion with the Church whose supreme authority is one across the ages. Obviously you are not alone in this at the present time. I will be surprised if this letter is published.

Brother Ansgar Santogrossi, OSB St. Benedict, Oregon

Editor's note: There is no danger of schism in expressing solidarity with the Holy Father. Also, it should be noted that Pope John Paul II has expressed contrition for acts of uncharity committed contrary to the Church's mission — not as part of the Church's mission itself.

Wide Awake

I am writing in regards to the movie “Wide Awake,” recommended as a Prizer's Video Pick in the Sept. 19–25 Register. I beg to differ! My husband and I watched this movie with our children, 7 and 9, and found it lacking. There was bad language, immodesty and subtle Catholic-bashing — and Rosie O'Donnell as a nun? Well. Why would Catholics want to patronize Disney in any way, in light of their anti-family, pro-gay agenda, not to mention unfair labor practices and human rights abuses in Haiti and other places where their expensive merchandise is manufactured? Please direct us to truly good family films.

Rosemarie Denton Novi, Michigan

Editor's note: We urge readers to consider the Register Ratings on violence, profanity, nudity and sexual content, which follow our reviewer's opinions, to determine suitability for children before viewing. This film was given check marks in each of those categories, indicating that the movie contains instances of all four.