Ten videos your kids will love and you won't hate — unless you're a pre-conversion Ebenezer Scrooge:

A Bug's Life Goofy fun for the whole family. And don't shut it off when the credits roll — the “out-takes” are inspired.

The Adventures of Robin Hood Jolly good fun. Be sure to get the 1938 Erroll Flynn original, not Kevin Costner's wretched, politically corrected version.

Babe That rare bird, a film that is as satisfying for adults as for children, set in a land “just a little to the left of the 20th century.”

Chicken Run A blast for every featherless biped on the planet.

The Court Jester Fetching farce and winsome wordplay from the inimitable Danny Kaye.

The Emperor's New Groove A refreshing surprise from the Mouse.

The Incredible Adventures of Wallace and Gromit Brilliance from the creators of Chicken Run.

Spy Kids A James Bond-type story for the Saturday-morning-cartoon set.

Toy Story Wonder of wonders, a gripping tale of characters you can't help but care about. Warning: small kids will be frightened by the evil neighbor, Sid.

Toy Story 2 Even better than the original. How'd they do that?