Holy See Negotiator at the United Nations

In breaks between sessions of the U.N. Cairo+5 population control meetings in New York, Register correspondent Brian McGuire asked the Vatican's point man at the conference about the Vatican's plans.

“The Holy See stated very clearly that if [Western nations] were to proceed down [its current] path, they would be very unsuccessful, since they would be giving out condoms to a lot of dead refugees who had since died of hunger, who had no shelter, and who had no clothes,” John Klink said.

As to the reason for the West's apparent fixation on “reproductive health and on widening the availability of ‘contraceptive services,’” Klink said that what these nations ultimately desire is to see that abortion is made an international fundamental human right.

“There have been strong indications that one of the desires of Western states is to create human rights and to reinterpret current human rights in such a way that even constitutions are no longer sacred, our source at the Holy See told us.

“Meetings funded by U.N. agencies advocate this approach,” he said, adding that because these indications of a hidden agenda exist, negotiations at the U.N. regarding the precise wording of U.N. documents on population must be handled with extreme caution and vigilance.

“Every change in language has to be viewed with caution and suspicion, despite the fact that there is a mandate (at the Cairo+5 convention) not to renegotiate the text that was agreed to in Cairo.”