A new survey of mothers in the United Kingdom shows that, when it comes to taking a vacation, “mums” not only want the kids along — they wouldn’t want to leave home without them. More than 70% of the poll’s 7,000 respondents said they value the uninterrupted family time that “holidays” afford, despite challenges like cost (cited by 36%), highway and air hassles (29%) and the hard work of planning and executing the trip (25%). Siobhan Freegard, an author of books on parenting and the founder of netmums.co.uk, which co-sponsored the survey, says the key to happy trails is picking a destination that family members of all ages will enjoy. “‘Bring along a grandparent’ was a great suggestion by many survey respondents,” she added in a release posted at WebitPR.com. “That way mum and dad also get bonding time.” With springtime in full swing, summer travel season is closing in. Do you know where your road rosaries are?

Register illustration by Kevin Bedan