Summer’s here. In only a matter of days, families will be celebrating Independence Day, heading off to well-earned vacations, decompressing from a rigorous school year and recharging their batteries before resuming work. Grills and sprinklers will be going full tilt.

And we at the Register will be with you, working to bring you — wherever you go — the best Catholic news anywhere. But will you be with us?

Especially during the summer, I want you to know that the Register still needs you. We’re heading into our most challenging financial stretch of the year, and we’re counting on you — not only to keep reading, but also to continue to stand with us prayerfully and financially.

Please support our mission in these summer months, whether it is by making a donation or buying gift subscriptions for friends and family who can benefit from what we do.

As always, we thank you for your generosity. Be assured that we won’t be taking a vacation from bringing you the truth of the Gospel.

God bless!