Helpful Hints for Your Family's

Every summer, Americans are compelled to throw open their doors and drink in the sun. Many will celebrate the nation's birth by running blades of grass between their feet, listening to a cricket symphony and looking heavenward for fire-works.The Fourth of July is the time to picnic.

A picnic doesn't have to mean the standard crispy-burnt hot dogs lost in a crumbly bun or soggy pieces of fried chicken. A light and healthy picnic can be fast, delicious and hassle-free.

For starters, think about packing juices. There's orange, grape, cranberry, guava and combinations you've probably never heard of — the selection in the market nowadays is remarkable.

Because most juices taste better cold, freeze your selection the night before in a plastic pitcher. Allow some room for expansion, as the juice expands into ice. Juice in a plastic container from the store should have about a quarter cup poured out to allow room for expansion. Afterwards, place the entire container in the freezer.

The day of the picnic, remove the juice from the fridge. The ice-cold refreshment should be defrosted in about three hours, just in time for you to reach your picnic spot.

If you like mouth-tickling fizz, bring along a liter or two of lemon-lime soda pop to mix with the juice. But don't try to freeze the soda — it'll explode!

It's a good idea to keep plenty of plain water on hand as well.

Rolled sandwiches are a tasty variation on the standard version. The only thing that can be possibly difficult about constructing them is finding the proper kind of bread you need.

Called Lavosh, it's a pliable flat bread that is sold in ethnic or gourmet supermarkets. Substitut