We have labored to make our college survey a positive tool in the complicated world of academia.

It is complicated because there are many factors involved in running and maintaining a university. Academics take first place, but to support the intellectual life on campus there are a number of support systems.

In our survey, we have combed through the relevant documents to try to see how the Church has decided to address several areas. We cite canon law, yes, but also the U.S. bishops’ documents that implement the canons in America’s particular circumstances.

As you will see in the survey page in our guide (section C in this issue), the Church has been very thorough in her attention to these matters.

Our survey — online under “Resources” at ncregister.com — is becoming the go-to place for parents and students searching for a college that is enthusiastic about its Catholic identity.

Another way we are trying to help the situation in modern Catholic institutions of higher learning is more direct. You will be noticing in your mail a request from me to help us continue to provide the Register to colleges and universities across the country.

Please prayerfully consider our request and help us to continue to grow as a media ministry in service to the Church. In return, during our 80th anniversary year, we can offer a commemorative Bible which can also be monogrammed according to your wishes, for yourself or as a gift.