Regarding “Human Rights For Apes?” (July 8-14): How long will it be before we are looking for “human rights” (maybe under a different title) for fleas, mosquitoes and flies? Maybe that would be after rights are obtained for snakes?

Don't think it is far-fetched. Not long ago “human rights for apes” would have been laughed off. Now, for some advocates, it has arrived at the serious thinking and action stage.

That's where modern education is leading.

Can you imagine that if an ape kills a human, anyone killing it would be brought to trial? We would allow the ape to live, and range free, because of the ape's diminished mentality.

Perhaps we could have apes on the jury for the trial. Then we would hire interpreters for the apes, because the apes could not fully speak human. Anything the “expert” interpreters determined the apes had said would be accepted.

Stop the world! I want to get off!


Feasterville, Pennsylvania