Regarding “’God Bless America’ Jangles ACLU Nerve,” Oct. 21-28: The person of faith must now do without his freedom—his American civil liberties, as it were—in public school.

Faith is a gift from God. Religion is how people respond to faith, the gift of God. Religion is how people respond to God. Religion is defined in the dictionary as the worship of God. Most people worship God by keeping the commandments to love God and one another. Any religion that breaks the commandments of God by human sacrifice, torture, etc., is not a religion at all, but a crime.

Realizing that the Supreme Court and the federal government have no jurisdiction over private property (this includes homes and churches), the freedom of religion promised in our U.S. Constitution must be provided for and protected in all public places.

The tax-paying citizen must be able to represent himself in the public school for who he really is, not for who he must be for someone else; he should be made to practice atheism for the sake of the atheist.

The American Civil Liberties Union, to become what their name portends, must busy themselves providing for and protecting the American civil liberties of persons of faith.


South River, New Jersey