How refreshing it was to read of Sen. Rick Santorum, a Catholic politician who doesn't check his faith at the door as he leaves Mass on Sunday (“Under Fire: White House Defends Santorum,” May 4–10).

Santorum is clearly not “homophobic.” A phobia is a fear of something. Far from being afraid of homosexuality and its powerful lobby, the senator showed real courage in speaking his conviction, particularly in this era of liberal-McCarthyism. The senator was well aware that, in doing so, he was exposing himself to the “PC” police who attack and attempt to destroy anyone who dares think, much less speak, differently than they. How intolerant!

The real “phobia” in this culture is a fear of speaking the truth (lest we be seen as intolerant) even the point of saying nothing as others put their immortal souls in jeopardy. Thank you, Sen. Santorum, for reminding us all of our responsibility to a higher calling.

JOHN RYAN Ballwin, Missouri