In the more than two years that the Register has been part of the EWTN family, we have seen amazing growth.

Our print circulation has increased every year — an achievement not many publications can claim in this age of instantaneous information.

Since unveiling our new website, the Register’s online and mobile reader presence continues to grow. More people than ever, Catholics and non-Catholics, are drawn to our coverage, which faithfully examines the events of the world through the lens of the Church.

Our goal is to always deliver content that challenges you to deepen your faith, comforts you in times of crisis and offers you hope for the next life, because, let’s face it: Our short time here on earth is a rehearsal for the life to come.

My note to you rarely touches on the plain realities of running a nonprofit apostolate, but this time I need to make an exception. In addition to your prayers, which are most important to our mission, the Register needs those of you who are able to become donors — one-time, monthly or annually. The costs of operation continue to rise, and we need your help to close the gap between income and expenses.

We can only exist through the distinct collaboration between our staff and you, who believe in our mission — a mission that is at its heart the mission of the Church: to save souls through the message of Christ.

The staff and I are grateful for whatever you can donate at this time, as well as for your continued prayers.

God bless you!