Did You Know?

The pain of abortion is real, deep and long-lasting — but also difficult for sufferers to admit. Following is the text of a note Michael T. Barry found at an Ohio memorial for the unborn:

My Dear Leah,

Twenty-six years ago I gave you up for abortion. I was right out of high school, thinking only of myself and finding no support from the father. My parents would have disowned me so I saw no alternative.

I am now married to a wonderful man with sons ages 13 and 16. My life seemed complete until I attended the High School Youth Retreat at Steubenville in June of 1999. Even though I converted to the Catholic faith shortly after I married, I never confessed my deepest sin until that retreat weekend. I found the weekend so emotional! Moving. I could hardly wait for the Saturday morning session to end so I could go to confession.

Not a day goes by that I have not thought of the child I aborted.

My penance was to name the child, pray and write a letter so others might learn from my mistake.

I now pray daily to Leah asking her to forgive me and be my guardian angel to watch over me. We have a mighty God who forgives us of all our sins.

I am so sorry.


Your Mother