Pope Francis has provided us with some important food for thought, as we prepare ourselves for another Lenten journey — and again enter the mystery of Christ’s passion, death and resurrection.

In his message for Lent (see story on page 5), which begins March 5, the Holy Father cites 2 Corinthians and connects the incarnation and resurrection of Christ: "For you know the gracious act of our Lord Jesus Christ, that for your sake he became poor although he was rich, so that by his poverty you might become rich."

This is not a mere play on words, Pope Francis states, but "sums up God’s logic, the logic of love, the logic of the Incarnation and the cross." In further signaling the paradox of the Gospel, the Pope says, "Christ’s poverty is the greatest treasure of all," noting that "Jesus’ wealth is … his constant trust, his desire always and only to do the Father’s will and give glory to him."

Our rich faith is a combination of "heart" and "mind," or faith and reason. And Francis is inviting us to use both of those means to go deeper in our faith. What can we do this Lent, in the ways of prayer, penance and almsgiving, to discern the Father’s will for us and give glory to him?

May God bless you with a fruitful 40 days.