Not everybody sees such a big problem in celebrating Easter on different days. Greg and Georgia Wood may be typical of some mixed-marriage couples in that two Easters gives them a chance to celebrate with each side of the family.

Georgia is Greek Orthodox. Her husband Greg belongs to the Advent Christian Church and his parents live 200 miles away from their home in Winston-Salem, N.C.

“The belief is basically the same — there is a difference on the calendar date,” Greg said. “For us that has worked out real well, with my family being out of town. We said we wished all holidays would be like that. It makes it easier for us to spend appropriate time with both families.”

This year is harder because Easter falls on the same date for both families, Georgia said. The Woods came up with a compromise: they will be in Winston-Salem during most of Holy Week and take part as much as possible in the services at the Orthodox church. Then they would spend Easter day with Greg's family.

Georgia remembers one advantage the Orthodox always had growing up: They could buy their Easter candy on discount after the Western Easter passed.

Wes Young