Pope John Paul II speaks of today's culture as a culture of death, pointing to abortion and capital punishment as examples of how death is used as an answer to problems. But as the Priests for Life point out in their November/December newsletter, abortion is by far the most prevalent offender.

• There have been 4,381 executions from 1930 until Feb. of this year. There were none in the 1968-1976 period.

• Since the early 1600's, in what is now the United States, an estimated 18,645 people have been executed.

• According to the Alan Guttmacher Institute, in 1996 alone there were 1.37 million abortions in the United States alone. That's 3,753 per day, one every 23 seconds.

• The entire number of deaths by capital punishment, for our entire history, is less than the number of deaths by abortion every five days.