Proponents of Euthanasia often speak of how euthanasia would only be used in extraordinary circumstances. However, once euthanasia becomes “legal,” the definition for its use broadens until it includes both young and old, sick and healthy.

For example, in Holland, a child would not have to be terminally ill or in fact ill at all. He could be killed legally in a Dutch euthanasia clinic under the following proposal by the Dutch health Council (Gezondheidsraad) — the official medical society advising the Dutch government.

• This body has proposed a “Model Aid-in Dying Law” that would allow any child six and older to make a death request. According to this “Model” Law, if the child's parents objected to the decision, the child could present himself to a special aid-in-dying board for a final, binding decision. According to the “Model” Law, “Minors have the right to request aid-in-dying whether or not their parents agree.”

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