In his message for World Mission Sunday (see page 6), delivered Aug. 6, Pope Francis exhorts the faithful to minister to all people with love and joy.

You can see those gifts reflected in this issue, notably in our page-4 story on the World War II veteran-turned-Franciscan Father Bede Fitzpatrick, who served both his country and his Church in the Pacific theater as a member of the U.S. Navy and afterward as a missionary. On the same page, you can see how the Consolata Sisters’ mission of joyfully bringing the Gospel to the nomads of Mongolia has lasted 10 years now.

The Holy Father added, however, "Sometimes, there is a lack of fervor, joy, courage and hope in proclaiming the message of Christ to all." Cardinal Sean O’Malley of Boston echoes those sentiments in our page-2 brief, which notes how he told those gathered for the annual Knights of Columbus convention that oftentimes we are the impediment to evangelizing others.

It is so important for us to remember to live a joyful faith — because we are at times the only Gospel some people will "read" in their lives. We at the Register hope to accompany you in your evangelical mission as we continuously take up our mission to chronicle for you the joy and hope Christ and his Church offer to help equip you for your journey.

God bless you!